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National wildland fire safety experts are available for interviews during a wildland fire event or any time you need more information on fire adapted communities. For immediate media inquiries and assistance, please contact the National Fire Protection Association’s Public Affairs office: +1(617)984-7275.

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Fire Adapted Communities® Reference Guide
What is a Fire Adapted Community? This guide starts to answer this question and is designed to help leaders, planners, emergency professionals, and citizens learn the best approaches and programs to help their community become more fire adapted. Download the reference guide.

Lessons from Waldo Canyon Report and DVD
The Fire Adapted Communities Coalition has released a report, "Lessons from Waldo Canyon” and a companion video, “Creating Fire Adapted Communities: A Case Study from Colorado Springs and the Waldo Canyon Fire.” The report and video are based on interviews, field visits and tours of the City’s most affected neighborhoods conducted by the FAC Coalition’s assessment team during a three day visit to the area in July 2012. These resources share the post-fire field investigation, and stress the importance of communities becoming fire adapted. Watch the video below. Order a free DVD of the video and report.

FAC Infographic Thumbnail The Fire Adapted Communities® Infographic
Fire is a natural part of our environment. As we choose to live in areas where wildfires occur, we must adapt the way we design, build and live within these areas to prepare our communities for wildfire. A fire adapted community understands its risks and takes actions that minimize harm to residents, homes, businesses, parks, and other community assets. The Fire Adapted Communities Infographic is an excellent visual tool to learn what it takes to make your community fire adapted. Know your role, know your region, protect what matters, and find out more with this Fire Adapted Communities Infographic. Order a free printed version (10 per order). 

FAC Brochure Thumbnail Introduction to Fire Adapted Communities® Brochure
Every year wildfires burn across the United States. Learn what it takes to make your community fire adapted! An Introduction to Fire Adapted Communities® Brochure is a great place to start. This brochure provides an overview of fire adapted community concepts, such as protecting and preparing your home from wildfires, engaging with your fire department about wildfire, and getting involved with various wildfire preparedness programs and tools. Know your role, know your region, protect what matters, and find out more. Order a free printed version (25 per order).

Fire Adapted Communities Fire Department Learning Exchange
In February 2015 firefighters from Austin, Texas and Boise, Idaho met in Austin to exchange information and best practices related to helping their communities become more fire adapted. The exchange was sponsored by the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, co-led by The Nature Conservancy and the Watershed Center, which connects people and projects together to share knowledge and advice, feedback and resources.