What is a Fire Adapted Community?

A Fire Adapted Community takes responsibility for its wildfire risk. Actions address resident safety, homes, neighborhoods, businesses and infrastructure, forests, parks, open spaces, and other community assets. The more actions a community takes, the more fire adapted it becomes.

How does a community become fire adapted?
Becoming a fire adapted community is a process and includes the following characteristics:

  • It is in or near a fire adapted ecosystem.
  • It has adequate local fire suppression capacity to meet most community protection needs.
  • Its structures and landscaping are designed, constructed, retrofitted and maintained in a manner that is ignition resistant. 
  • It has local codes [building, planning, zoning, and fire prevention codes] that require ignition-resistant home design and building materials. 
  • Fuels on land near and inside the community are treated and maintained for safety.
  • It has and uses a community wildfire protection plan.
  • It has built other safety features such as buffers between fuels and the community; safe designated evacuation routes; and safe zones in the community when evacuation is not advisable.