Increasing use of prescribed fire: Barriers and opportunities

Schultz, Courtney A. ; McCaffrey, Sarah M. ; Huber-Stearns, Heidi R.
Summary of a study on the most commonly cited barriers to putting prescribed fire on the ground in a study involving RMRS scientists and partners. Read More

Planning for ASL Interpretation: A Guide For Facilitators

Agenda / Template / Tool
Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
This toolkit includes information and tips for planning events, communicating with interpreters and persons requesting interpretive services, and preparing facilitators, presenters, and the audience. Specific resources included for the state of Washington, but information in generally widely applicable. Read More

Wildfire and the Oregon Electricity System

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Oregon Public Utility Commission
This resource of frequently asked questions from the Oregon Public Utility Commission provides consumers with general wildfire resources, information about service restoration, public safety power shutoffs, and the response of utilities to wildfire in Oregon. Read More

Oregon Health Authority’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Toolkit for Wildfires

State of Oregon
This SmartSheet provides a database of resources in multiple languages to communicate with the public during disasters. Topics include how to clean up outdoor ash, the right respirator and fit, keeping food safe during an emergency, getting emergency refills from a pharmacy, and more. While many of the resources are from Oregon, some are national... Read More

Understanding Federal Post-Fire Resources

Blog Post / Story
Brett Holt, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
Brett Holt is a Senior Stakeholder Relations Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 10 Office of External Affairs based in Washington. In FAC Net’s ongoing series of post-fire recovery blogs, Brett helps navigate federal programs, declarations and engagements that are available to a community during and after a wildfire. While this blog focuses in... Read More

Evaluating Rural Pacific Northwest Towns for Wildfire Evacuation Vulnerability

USDA Forest Service
This map shows wildfire evacuation vulnerability rankings for 696 rural communities in Oregon and Washington. For each community there are 7 rankings: four representing road network vulnerability, two representing vulnerability to wildfire, and an overall vulnerability ranking. Rank of 1 represents the highest vulnerability. Please see the following journal article for details: Dye, A.W., J.B.... Read More

Demystifying Insurance for Wildfires Resource Guide

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Washington State Fire Adapted Communities Learning Group and Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner
The Demystifying Insurance for Wildfires Resource Guide is a three-page handout and related webinar which helps Washington residents understand the business of insurance and provides tips and resources to help navigate the system.  While focused on Washington State, many of the tools and resources shared are broadly applicable. Read More

Prepare in a Year

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Washington State Emergency Management Division
This resource from the Washington State Emergency Management Division helps individuals, families and pets take one action every month for a year in order to be more prepared for disasters. Materials are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. While designed in Washington State, applicable to a significantly broader audience. Read More

Preparing Together: Ashland, OR

Website / Interactive Map
Ashland Chamber of Commerce and Ashland Fire & Rescue
This website provides clear resources on smoke, evacuation, and risk mitigation for visitors, employees, business owners, and residents. This site is a good example of wildfire communication for visitors in areas with significant out-of-area guests. Read More

How We Formed, Funded and Dispatched a State and Private Lands Burned Area Response Team

Blog Post / Story
Craig Nelson, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Blog
This blog, written by Craig Nelson of the Okanogan Conservation District and published by the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, provides insight into post-fire work on private lands. Read More