Protect Texas From Wildfires

Website / Interactive Map
Texas A&M Forest Service
This website is designed to support fire prevention efforts in Texas. Tips and graphics are separated by fire cause and the site provides a good example of a user-friendly format for fire prevention resources. Read More

Shaded Fuel Breaks – Austin, Texas

Website / Interactive Map
Austin Wildfire Division
This storymap provides an excellent description of shaded fuel breaks as well as photographs showing areas before and after treatment. While designed for the Austin area, this resource provides an example of storymap-based communication around landscape treatments. Read More

Austin Fire Department Home Ignition Zone Training

Austin Fire Department
This video resources shares ways to prevent, prepare for, and defend against wildfires in the Home Ignition Zone in the Austin area. The Austin Fire Department Wildfire division demonstrates a home assessment in this educational video. Closed Captioning available in Spanish. Read More