Increasing use of prescribed fire: Barriers and opportunities

Schultz, Courtney A. ; McCaffrey, Sarah M. ; Huber-Stearns, Heidi R.
Summary of a study on the most commonly cited barriers to putting prescribed fire on the ground in a study involving RMRS scientists and partners. Read More

Fire Works! Karuk Tribe Climate Change Projects Website

Website / Interactive Map
Karuk Tribe
Resources, videos, links and research all around the Karuk Tribe’s relationship to fire and an introduction to some of their history and current programs and projects. Read More

After Fire: Toolkit for the Southwest

Website / Interactive Map
US Department of Agriculture
Managers,  landowners, or communities can find guidance for assessing and preventing potential damage due to post-fire flooding and related events on this website.  Browse this site to find information on the research, methods, and tools available for measuring and reducing risks associated with post-fire flooding, debris flows and sedimentation. Read More

Recovering from Wildfire: A Guide for California’s Forest Landowners

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
This publication discusses issues that forest landowners should consider following a wildfire in their forest, including how to assess fire impacts, protect valuable property from damage due to erosion, where to go for help and financial assistance, how to salvage dead trees or replant on your land, and how to claim a casualty loss on... Read More

Reducing Utility-Related Wildfire Risk: Utility Wildfire Mitigation Strategy and Roadmap for the Wildfire Safety Division

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Wildfire Safety Division, California Public Utilities Commission
Strategy to reduce utility-related wildfire risk. Contains information on the drivers of utility wildfires and the current state of utility wildfire mitigation in California. Identifies priorities actions, metrics to enable utility improvement, and more. Focused on California, but can provide a good example nationwide. Read More

Wildfire Mitigation Plan – Anaheim Public Utilities

Website / Interactive Map
City of Anaheim
“This [Wildfire Mitigation Plan] serves to establish methods and procedures used to construct, maintain, and operate the Utilities electrical lines and equipment to minimize the risk of wildfire posed by its infrastructure. The provisions in the Plan outline the preventative strategies and actions for fire prevention and suppression activities and specific operational response during elevated... Read More

Hupa Fire: Traditional and Cultural Fire Management

Hoopa Fire Department
This video from the Hoopa Fire Department, is a story told by Hupa culture keepers about their relationship to fire. Read More

Smoke Readiness for Low Income, Indigenous Communities

Bill Tripp
The October 2020 National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Conference featured a presentation on Smoke Readiness for Low Income, Indigenous Communities by Bill Tripp of the Karuk Tribe. Bill’s presentation begins at 1:27.10 and runs until 1:35.47.  Bill highlights the impacts of smoke to human health as well as the benefits of lower levels of smoke as... Read More