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Academia and science are vital to growing and expanding our understanding of wildfire. Science can inform our understanding of wildfire behavior, community perceptions and motivations, and more. The resources below provide information including funding sources and research priorities. Please note, some resources might be applicable to multiple roles within the community.

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Ecosystem Services Toolkit for Natural Resource Management

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Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University
“The National Ecosystem Services Partnership (NESP) was formed over a decade ago to create a national network for sharing ecosystem services information, to establish pathways for implementation of ecosystem services concepts, and to help integrate ecosystem services information into decision-making. In service of these goals, NESP has created a set of resources for the natural resource management... Read More

An Ecosystems and Vulnerable Populations Perspective on Solastalgia and Psychological Distress After a Wildfire

David Eisenman, Sarah McCaffrey, Ian Donatello, Grant Marshal
The authors of this study examined the relationship between loss of landscape and community psychology. You can read more about this study in this blog post as well: https://fireadaptednetwork.org/study-examines-new-type-wildfire-health-impact/ Read More
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