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Residents, visitors, commuters, tourists, unhoused community members

Community members play an essential role in wildfire preparedness and response. Be it individual residents preparing their properties or participating in Community Wildfire Protection Plan updates or community groups providing prescribed fire support, community members are vital to wildfire adaptation. Resources to assist community members in their wildfire resilience efforts can be found here. Please note, some resources might be applicable to multiple roles within the community.


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Wildland Fire Chemical Clean-Up

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
USDA Forest Service
Information on how to clean up wildland fire retardants, foams, water enhancers (gels) and more. Read More

Wildfires and Indigenous Populations

Website / Interactive Map
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
“In this three-part podcast we will hear from experts in Canada, the United States, and Australia about the health effects of wildfires and emergency management, indigenous fire practices to mitigate wildfire intensity, and the compounding effect climate change has on the future of wildfires.” Read More

Wildfire Safety

American Red Cross
Tips and resources for planning for safety and evacuation during a wildfire. The page includes videos, checklists, and resources to help children prepare for emergencies. Read More

Wildfire Research Fact Sheet Series

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
National Fire Protection Association and the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety
This Wildfire Research Fact Sheet series features wildfire research undertaken at the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety research facility. Fact sheets cover roofing, vents, fences, etc Read More

Wildfire Prepared Home

Website / Interactive Map
Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety
At the individual home level, researchers have identified core actions (such as installing an ignition-resistant roof and reducing fuels around the home) which will allow homeowners to receive a Wildfire Prepared Home designation. The program is based on research from the Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety’s Suburban Wildfire Adaptation Roadmaps, Read More

Wildfire Partners Program Example

Website / Interactive Map
Wildfire Partners
This program provides an excellent example of effective partnership and wildfire risk reduction. Read More

Wildfire and the Oregon Electricity System

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Oregon Public Utility Commission
This resource of frequently asked questions from the Oregon Public Utility Commission provides consumers with general wildfire resources, information about service restoration, public safety power shutoffs, and the response of utilities to wildfire in Oregon. Read More

Understanding Federal Post-Fire Resources

Blog Post / Story
Brett Holt, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
Brett Holt is a Senior Stakeholder Relations Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 10 Office of External Affairs based in Washington. In FAC Net’s ongoing series of post-fire recovery blogs, Brett helps navigate federal programs, declarations and engagements that are available to a community during and after a wildfire. While this blog focuses in... Read More

Tips to Coordinate an Evacuation Drill

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Fire Safe Marin
“This document will walk you through how to practice a drill on your own, and then coordinate and run an evacuation drill for your neighborhood. It is important to practice on your own first, including any housemates/family members, and pets, before trying to participate in a larger evacuation drill with the neighborhood.” A good example... Read More

Tips for Engaging Elected Officials

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
In 2021, FAC Net hosted a learning group all about policy.  Close to 70 wildfire practitioners from 17 states convened virtually to learn more about how to engage with agencies, elected officials, staff, and more.  Learning group participants met monthly to deepen their individual skills, hear from those working in the policy sphere, and learn more about... Read More
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