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Farmers and ranchers have unique considerations when it comes to wildfire preparedness. Resources for structure hardening of homes, barns, and outbuildings, animal evacuation planning, and more are included below. Please note, some resources might be applicable to multiple roles within the community.

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Wildfire: Preparing the Home and Ranch

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Oklahoma State University Extension
This guide from Oklahoma State University Extension focuses on actions which can be taken around homes, barns or buildings to reduce wildfire risk. The guide covers defensible space, hay storage, outside equipment storage, livestock, and what to do if a wildfire is approaching. Read More

Wildfire Smoke Exposure

Website / Interactive Map
Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety
This website has resources and training opportunities for agricultural workers and provides printed materials that are designed with worker safety in mind (both in English and Spanish). Read More

Why Rangeland Fire Protection Associations Matter

Blog Post / Story
Emily Jane Davis, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Blog
This blog post from Emily Jane Davis speaks to the purpose of Rangeland Fire Protection Associations (RFPAs), discusses enabling conditions, and covers the advantages. Contains links to learn more about the research surrounding RFPAs and a storymap. Read More

The Home Ignition Zone: A guide to preparing your home for wildfire and creating defensible space

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Colorado State Forest Service
This guide focuses on reducing wildfire hazards on an individual property. It is created for residents in Colorado, but could apply to other geographical areas or be used as an example for other state agencies looking to create similar guides. Read More

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

Website / Interactive Map
Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition
The Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC) works to advance policy and foster learning throughout the rural West. Issue papers, resources, and webinars can all be found on this website. Read More

Risk Management Options for Family Forests: Timber Insurance

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Mississippi State University
This factsheet presents explanations and options related to timber insurance for small family forests. A good primer on standing timber insurance and reforestation insurance. Read More

Rangeland Fire Protection Associations: An Alternative Model for Wildfire Response

Authors: Emily Jane Davis, Jesse Abrams, Katherine Wollstein, Alethea Steingisser, James E. Meacham
This study analyzed the establishment, functioning, successes and challenges of the Rangeland Fire Protection Association (RFPA) model through four case studies. Case studies focus on individual RFPAs in Oregon and Idaho and their respective state programs during 2015–16. Read More

Protection and Recovery: Disaster Assistance Programs

Website / Interactive Map
USDA Farmers.gov
USDA disaster assistance programs to help farmers prepare for and recovery from the impacts of natural disasters and market volatility. Contains links to approved insurance providers. Read More

Protecting Outdoor Workers Exposed to Smoke from Wildfires

Website / Interactive Map
State of California Department of Industrial Relations
This website contains important information and resources focused on protection of outdoor workers from hazardous air quality as a result of wildland fire smoke exposure. While focused on California requirements, helpful links are provided which are applicable nationwide. Read More

Protecting Farms and Ranches from Wildfire

Website / Interactive Map
Texas A&M University Agrilife Extension
Basic information on protecting farms and ranches from wildfire. Read More
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Photo Credit: Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network