Understanding Good Neighbor Authority: Case Studies from Across the West

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Published in: 2018
Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

“The Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) is intended to expand limited federal capacity to implement and plan forest, rangeland, and watershed restoration projects by facilitating partnerships with state agencies. The authority allows a state to perform authorized restoration services on federal land. Additionally, the authority allows a state agency to administer timber sales on federal land, and for a federal agency to use the value of wood products to purchase restoration services, including planning, from state agencies.

As part of the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition’s investment in accelerating learning and innovation across communities and landscapes, we reviewed the current status of GNA use in six Western states to clarify how it is being used, and inform other states and National Forests about approaches that may be appropriate for their local conditions. This report shares current policy and guidance on GNA and highlights early efforts in six Western states using GNA.”