Land Managers

Public land management agencies, land trusts, private land managers, Tribal land managers, municipal departments/staff responsible for land management

Land Managers are critical partners in wildfire adaptation. Land managers utilize research, data and planning to inform their work. Land managers contribute to wildfire preparedness, response, and recovery and, in general, seek opportunities to work across boundaries support wildfire adaptation. Please note, some resources might be applicable to multiple roles within the community.


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Wildfire Mitigation Series

The Department of Energy and National Laboratories
A webinar series for utility companies to learn more about the wildfire mitigation capabilities and technologies. Read More

Understanding Good Neighbor Authority: Case Studies from Across the West

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition
“The Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) is intended to expand limited federal capacity to implement and plan forest, rangeland, and watershed restoration projects by facilitating partnerships with state agencies. The authority allows a state to perform authorized restoration services on federal land. Additionally, the authority allows a state agency to administer timber sales on federal land,... Read More

Tips for Engaging Elected Officials

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
In 2021, FAC Net hosted a learning group all about policy.  Close to 70 wildfire practitioners from 17 states convened virtually to learn more about how to engage with agencies, elected officials, staff, and more.  Learning group participants met monthly to deepen their individual skills, hear from those working in the policy sphere, and learn more about... Read More

Spatial wildfire occurrence data for the United States, 1992-2018

USDA Forest Service Research Data
Citation: Short, Karen C. 2021. Spatial wildfire occurrence data for the United States, 1992-2018 [FPAFOD20210617]. 5th Edition. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive. https://doi.org/10.2737/RDS-2013-0009.5 This data publication contains a spatial database of wildfires that occurred in the United States from 1992 to 2018. It is the fourth update of a publication originally generated... Read More

Spark Safety

Spark Safety
This partnership between Maverik, Adventure’s First Stop, the Bureau of Land Management Nevada, Nevada Department of Forestry, US Forest Service Humbolt-Toiyabe National Forest and the Reno Fire Department is focused on regional fire prevention. Site has infographics tips, and a video series to encourage fire prevention. Read More

Smoke Readiness for Low Income, Indigenous Communities

Bill Tripp
The October 2020 National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Conference featured a presentation on Smoke Readiness for Low Income, Indigenous Communities by Bill Tripp of the Karuk Tribe. Bill’s presentation begins at 1:27.10 and runs until 1:35.47.  Bill highlights the impacts of smoke to human health as well as the benefits of lower levels of smoke as... Read More

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

Website / Interactive Map
Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition
The Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC) works to advance policy and foster learning throughout the rural West. Issue papers, resources, and webinars can all be found on this website. Read More

Risk Management Options for Family Forests: Timber Insurance

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Mississippi State University
This factsheet presents explanations and options related to timber insurance for small family forests. A good primer on standing timber insurance and reforestation insurance. Read More

Recovering from Wildfire: A Guide for California’s Forest Landowners

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
This publication discusses issues that forest landowners should consider following a wildfire in their forest, including how to assess fire impacts, protect valuable property from damage due to erosion, where to go for help and financial assistance, how to salvage dead trees or replant on your land, and how to claim a casualty loss on... Read More

Protecting Farms and Ranches from Wildfire

Website / Interactive Map
Texas A&M University Agrilife Extension
Basic information on protecting farms and ranches from wildfire. Read More
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