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Departments or districts of public health, healthcare coalitions, hospitals, mental healthcare, smoke management agencies

Public health entities support community air quality, help residents manage stress and mental health impacts related to natural disasters, and more. The resources below include resources for HEPA filtration programs, smoke communication practices, and key disaster sheltering practices. Please note, some resources might be applicable to multiple roles within the community.

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Wildfires and Indigenous Populations

Website / Interactive Map
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
“In this three-part podcast we will hear from experts in Canada, the United States, and Australia about the health effects of wildfires and emergency management, indigenous fire practices to mitigate wildfire intensity, and the compounding effect climate change has on the future of wildfires.” Read More

Tracking Damage and Air Quality Impacts from Fires

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
This page from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) offers tools and information on how their data and applied research supports decision-making for federal, state and local response agencies before, during and after a fire. Read More

Toolkit to Integrate Health and Equity into Comprehensive Plans

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Sagar Shah and Brittany Wong
“American Planning Association’s Planning and Community Health (PCH) program developed this toolkit to help planners integrate health and equity considerations into their comprehensive plans. PCH advances practices that improve human environments to promote health and equity through policies, education, and place-based interventions.” Read More

Smoke-Ready Toolbox for Wildfires

Website / Interactive Map
US Environmental Protection Agency
“Smoke from wildfires in the United States is adversely affecting air quality and potentially putting more people at health risk from smoke exposure. … Public health officials and others can use the resources in the Smoke-Ready Toolbox to help educate people about the risks of smoke exposure and actions they can take to protect their health.”... Read More

Smoke Resources from the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
This resource page has three handouts available for download. These resources came out of the Smoke Learning Group series hosted by FAC Net (spring – summer 2021) for FAC Net members, as well as the two-part Prescribed Fire and Community Health webinars co-hosted by FAC Net and the West Region of the Wildland Fire Leadership... Read More

Safe Cleanup of Fire Ash

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
New Mexico Department of Health
This short, two-page handout focuses on clean-up of ash and debris following fire. Read More

Risk Communication Toolkit for Local Health Agencies

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
New Jersey Department of Health
“Effectively communicating information to the right audience is a vital aspect of crisis communication. This Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Tool Kit is designed to assist you in properly communicating with your community prior to, during and after a crisis. The kit is designed to provide local health agencies the resources to create their own... Read More

Public Health Wildfire Smoke Communication Guide

Guide / Pamphlet / Handout
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
This resource for local county health departments provides an introduction to wildfire smoke, communication objectives, key media messages, fact sheets and more. Read More

Protecting Outdoor Workers Exposed to Smoke from Wildfires

Website / Interactive Map
State of California Department of Industrial Relations
This website contains important information and resources focused on protection of outdoor workers from hazardous air quality as a result of wildland fire smoke exposure. While focused on California requirements, helpful links are provided which are applicable nationwide. Read More

Preparing Together: Ashland, OR

Website / Interactive Map
Ashland Chamber of Commerce and Ashland Fire & Rescue
This website provides clear resources on smoke, evacuation, and risk mitigation for visitors, employees, business owners, and residents. This site is a good example of wildfire communication for visitors in areas with significant out-of-area guests. Read More
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